Explore a part of what awaits you!

By entering DUBoak, you enter the very heart of Dubašnica. DUBoak is a place where Dubašnica will reveal to you things that cannot be seen otherwise. These are not secrets, but hidden gems that can only be seen by those who want to hear Dubašnica tell the story.

The DUBoak Maritime Heritage Interpretation Center was created as a community response to the new circumstances that befell it in this globalization grind. In order for tangible and intangible heritage to really be saved, the tools that modern times offer are needed, and one of the best examples is precisely the interpretation center of maritime heritage. Conceived as a place where local residents will remember the stories and experiences of their ancestors, but also as a place where interested visitors can also hear these same stories and thus get to know the region they have visited.

Visit us and become part of the story about the unbreakable bond between man, oak and ship.