Author: Igor Felker Škandalozo

Rogi ribaru - one of the most famous fishing sayings for a good catch

This is probably the most comprehensive fishing manual on the Adriatic, from which both beginners and experienced fishermen will learn a lot.

The book comes in set with two CDs with documentary films directed by the author, in which the techniques described in the book are shown.

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Author: Martina Frka Milotić


Everything you wanted to know about Slavic mythology, but had nowhere to look for it, now can be found in the form of the Storyteller.

Many of our family beliefs and even Christian traditions have their roots in Proto-Slavic mythology.

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Author: Mirko Marković

Cartographer Ivan Klobučarić and Rijeka

This is a book about Ivan Klobučarić, our native from Dubašnica, one of the most important cartographers, not only for Croatian cartography, but also for European cartography.

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Author: Mirela Slukan Altić

Historical topography of the island of Krk - images of time in the mirror of old maps

This is not a monotonous book about maps, but an excellent read for all those who want to learn more about the history of the island of Krk.

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Author: Luciano Keber

Traditional boats of the Adriatic

One of the best books dealing with traditional Croatian shipbuilding! Here you will find out the small details that distinguish the traditional boats of the eastern coast of the Adriatic.

The DUBoak Interpretation Center bookstore offers Croatian-Italian and English-French bilingual editions.

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Smells and tastes of Dubašnica


All the smells and tastes of the island are concentrated in the products that come from the meager fields where caring hands have nurtured medicinal and aromatic herbs, olives and other agricultural products of excellent quality for generations. Each product is actually the essence of the island itself, whose basic components are tradition, love and human care, but also the blessing of the climate, nature and land of the Golden Island.




Olive oils from Dubašnica are made from ancient autochthonous varieties of „plominka“ and „drobnica“ olives and regularly win the highest awards at regional and international competitions… Oil from Dubašnica won a gold medal for the second time at the New York International Olive Oil Competition, a prestigious competition for world olive oils and so it was once again listed among the world’s 100 best olive oils…




The honey produced by bees from Dubašnica is special in many ways, but we will highlight only three things. There are few beekeepers who can boast with „medun“ – a special type of honey that hardworking bees collect from the leaves of the Honey Oak. Another interesting thing is that our bees have the longest grazing of medicinal sage in the whole world! In the meadows visited by bees from Dubašnica, sage begins to bloom already at the end of April, and this sage bee feast continues almost throughout the summer. The third thing is the natural bee grazing and the ecological purity of honey due to the absence of intensive agriculture and heavy industry in Dubašnica…




Liqueurs, soaps and essential oils carefully produced from selected medicinal and aromatic plants, carefully grown and nurtured in accordance with the highest ecological standards on the island of Krk, certainly represent a souvenir that can touch your most refined senses at any time and, in addition, positively affect your emotions.




A souvenir that has a useful value is also the best souvenir! For centuries, wine has been drunk from Bukaleta – traditional Krk pottery, it was used in celebrations and mourning, decorated with the logo of DUBoak Interpretation Center, every time it is used it will evoke fond memories of Dubašnica, oak trees, the sea and wooden boats, and when it is not in use, it will be decoration in your home.


Clothes / Apron / T-shirts


Always a good combination – an item of clothing and a souvenir!


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