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Maritime Heritage Interpretation Center DUBoak

Welcome! This is a place that will remind you of the rich maritime heritage, the sailing culture and the coexistence of the islanders with the sea and the forest.

In this story, the quay, the ships, the shipyard, the skill of shipbuilding and navigation play a major role. Every city, village or region has an important cultural heritage. All these places have tourist resources that include natural, cultural, but also impalpable, intangible heritage that we present to visitors through an interpretive story.

The role of the Interpretion Center is to work on the study, preservation and transmission of cultural heritage. How well we know our heritage depends on how much we will value ourselves, how much we will respect others, and how much others will value us. Visit us and become part of the story of the unbreakable bond between man, oak and ship!

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The modernly equipped interactive space is divided into two thematic units. The first consists of the Oak Forest (locally "drmun"), and the second maritime heritage. Nowhere have these two entities defined each other as much as it is the case in Dubašnica.

There you will get to know the history of Dubašnica, seemingly modest, but extremely influential. Small events over the centuries left a deep mark there, just as water hollows out even the hardest stone. This is how age-old responsible behavior towards nature shaped the present-day Oak Forests „drmun“ in Dubašnica as the most picturesque example of sustainable forest management.

Visit us and become part of the story
about the unbreakable bond between man, oak and ship.